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Methods and Philosophy

Everywhere you look, you will find a different method for teaching your children.  Everyone has an idea of what will work best with your child.  At APEX, we will work with each individual child to make sure they are being educated in the way that best suits their personal needs.  We know not all children learn the same, so we are committed to finding what will work best with your child.  We use a traditional classroom setting with modern techniques like technology integration, scaffolded lessons, and group activities to find the style that best fits your child's needs.  


Young Teacher

Our philosophy of education is simple.  We do not exist to take over the education of your child, but rather to come alongside you and give you the tools and expertise you need to fulfill your God-given responsibilities as the educators of your children.  This can be seen in our core values.  APEX stands for Authentic Partnerships that Equip for eXcellence.  We believe that excellence looks different in the lives of each individual student.  Some may choose to attend college, while some may decide to find a trade that fits their talents.  We want your children to be excellent in whatever their hands find to do (Ecclesiastes 9:10).  We believe strongly in equipping students with the tools they need to achieve excellence in their lives (II Timothy 3:17).  Academics, fine arts, sports, worldview training, and Biblical integration are all ways to strengthen and equip your children for excellence.  The goal of APEX is to accomplish this through partnerships with you, the parents.  One fatal flaw of many schools is they do not value the parent's role in education.  In Deuteronomy 6:7, God

clearly gives the responsibility of education to the parents.  We understand that in order to be effectively blessed by God in our endeavors here at APEX, we need to respect that authority and be dedicated to protecting that authority  (Philippians 1:5-6). We believe that this begins and ends with authenticity.  In order to have proper partnerships that culminate in students being equipped for excellence,

Bible Lesson

those partnerships must be authentic.  We believe that one of the keys to the success of your children is that they learn how to live lives that are authentic representations of Jesus Christ.  If we do not model that in front of them, then they will struggle to meet that goal.  As adult leaders in our homes and classrooms, we must reject evil and love good in a way that draws our children to follow Christ (Romans 12:9). At APEX, we do not take lightly the call to "Go, and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19-20). We believe that our mission field starts inside our homes, then radiates outwardly from there.  The result will be a revival in our homes and in our communities when we follow God's plan for education.  

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