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Elementary Enrichment

The goal of the elementary enrichment program at APEX Christian Academy is three-fold:

  1. Reinforce what is being taught at home by offering another voice

  2. Give children a place to grow socially

  3. Allow hardworking, homeschool moms to have a much-deserved break

Regardless of which curriculum you use at home, our enrichment program is designed to be a benefit to you and your children.  Qualified teachers will guide students throughout the day by offering instruction, answering questions, playing learning games, and much more. 

The elementary enrichment program offers classes from Kindergarten through 6th grade. All classes require a minimum of 8 students enrolled. Kindergarten & 1st grade students may be required to take a placement reading test for us to know how to better assist them in their learning. 

The day will be broken up into two sessions, morning and afternoon.  Parents can choose to enroll their children in three different ways, morning, afternoon, or all day.  The morning session is from 8:00 am-noon and the afternoon is from 12:30-3:00.  Students that stay all day will eat lunch from 12:00-12:30.  The morning program will focus on academic subjects with some electives mixed in.  The afternoon program is designed to give students time to enjoy spending time in a group in a more relaxed setting, yet still focused on learning.  

Tuition is $20/week for the morning session and $10/week for the afternoon session.   There is a discount for multiple students from the same family.  Please inquire.   

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