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Future Plans

At APEX Christian Academy, we have big plans for the future!  We understand the complexities of the modern Christian home and we want to offer real solutions that truly work for each unique family situation.  

  • We plan on expanding to add elementary programs.

  • We plan on adding more sports, fine arts, and other extra-curricular activities.

  • We plan on developing into a full-service, hybrid academy with options for everyone.  

Our vision for the future is to offer 3 distinct options

  •  The homeschooler

  •  The part-timer (blend of homeschool and classroom)

  •  The full-timer

Over the next several years, we plan on developing a hybrid academy that allows you, the parent, to choose what works for you.  If you want your child to come to school 5 days a week, we will offer that, but if you only want 1 day a week or even just one specific class, we will also offer options for you.  Come grow with us! 

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